SMART Meter Info

Pattison WSC and SMART Meters

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Accurate Meter. Our partnership allowed PWSC to replace all water meters with electronic models and launched a leak detection program prioritizing leak issues and generating monthly reports for customers describing their water usage, and alerting them to leaks.

The electronic meter components are attached to the lid, therefore; meter tampering is prohibited in accordance with state law and PWSC bylaws. Meter tampering fine starts at $150.00. If customers are working with a professional plumber to locate their leaks and need to turn off water, you may voluntarily install a shut-off valve at your property or contact PWSC Operator to turn off water.

Our Goals are to reduce monthly water loss to ~6% by aggressively addressing leaks, monitor accounts monthly for misreads, and continue the education of our staff and customers on water conservation awareness.

Partnership with Accurate Meter ensures:

  • Flow Testing 
  • Leak Detection 
  • Meter Vaults 
  • Calibration & Repair 
  • Meter Replacement 
  • Data Logging 

Information on new meters:

  • Readings will transmit to WSC's electronically Encapsulated, weatherproof, and UV resistant housing 
  • Commercial, residential, and industrial use Easy-to-read, 9-digit LCD display presents consumption, rate of flow, reverse-flow indication, and alarms 
  • Eliminates measurement errors due to sand, suspended particles and pressure 

Overall Benefits: 

Time Saved: identifying leaks and locating unidentified usage 

Decreased water usage by decreasing errors 

Accountability: With more accuracy, we can precisely detect water loses

AMI: with AMI 15 min interval date it is easy to say what your usage has been and where the error is with no drastic work efforts/conflicts 


EyeOnWater (EOW)

The SMART meters provided by our partnership with AccurateMeter utilizes a website and application called EyeOnWater. It is a great way for customers to keep track of their water usage and receive alerts. Use the links below to get your account started, learn about EyeOnWater’s functionality, and of course, how to setup leak alerts.

Sign Up for EyeOnWater Today!

EyeOnWater Account Creation:

You will need:

  • Name on acct
  • Acct # (check ‘Customer Account’ box on previous bills or contact our office)
  • Billing zip code
  • Email

Web Browser

On the App


Keep in mind that you might be checking your total usage on a date different from the one used for billing. This could result in a difference in the amount you find, compared with the amount on which your bill is based. However, if the usage provided on EOW is considerably higher than what is on your bill, check for a leak or try to determine the source of large water use. If your usage determined on EOW is significantly lower than the reading on your bill, please contact us and let us assist you in determining the problem. 

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